Fast growth popularity Top Pigeons worldwide

TopPigeons has become an institute worldwide as an auction house for the extreme long distance since the start in 2002

The best fanciers worldwide on this part of the game sell pigeons via TopPigeons. TopPigeons is still the Nr. 1 in offering pigeons for this game discipline. The people behind TopPigeons are well-known names with a worldwide reputation that perform extremely well each year. “For fanciers by top fanciers” is our slogan.

However, standstill is deterioration!
TopPigeons therefore continues to develop on online and offline parts. We have renewed our website and innovations and improvements are being implemented in the auction environment in the coming period.

Our offer also develops. Many children from national and international winners and ace pigeons will be sold again in the coming auction season. Thanks to the good contacts, good scouting and selection, we can offer our customers a top range again. There is also a spectacular auction agenda for 2018-2019 with a lot of top material offered by dozens of suppliers who own a unique pigeon strain and play top! Increasingly, these providers are choosing to choose exclusively for TopPigeons and its customers in a long-term relationship. TopPigeons has developed a wonderful format for this to intensively and more exclusively cooperate with top enthusiasts for the longer term. All possibilities are used online and offline.

We want to advise you to follow TopPigeons on a daily basis. On this site we will inform you as current and wide as possible and on social media we can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.